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Simply Ginseng is a small family company based in the Southern Tablelands of NSW.

Sue Armstrong and Greg Oliver are highly regarded as Ginseng specialists. They have grown it since 1997 and undertaken extensive research, particularly on the medicinal value of Ginseng. With a library of over 500 research papers on American Ginseng from peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, they have become a '"one-stop shop" for high quality Ginseng and advice.

As Sue puts it: "When we started growing Ginseng 15 years ago, we discovered that high quality ginseng just wasn't available in Australia. We're both scientifically trained and love farming - maybe that's helped us become successful and longstanding Ginseng growers."

As far as Sue and Greg are concerned, smaller is better when it comes to providing consistently high quality Ginseng. "We take control of, and full responsibility for, the quality of our product. All our Ginseng is grown on our farm in Australia or from a single certified organic grower in Canada. We certainly don't use the cheapest product we can find from Asia, where most of the Ginseng sold in Australia comes from. There's no comparison between our Ginseng and the other Ginseng brands containing alcohol or water extracts from Asia."

"We can also offer customer service and advice that the supermarkets and brands just can't match. Together with product quality, this means we can make the huge guarantee that we have."

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And there's another side to the Ginseng farm - Sue and Greg also run DEMETER-certified Biodynamic beef cattle, and sell 100% grass-fed organic beef direct to customers in Canberra and Sydney. You can order on-line or buy it at the Farmers Market at Eveleigh (Sydney) or Exhibition Park (Canberra). See for details.

Please note:
Any scientific information has been assembled by Simply Ginseng from reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals. We have tried to ensure it is clear, balanced and without bias. This information should not be construed as claims for any of our products. Always consult your health care professional.Use only as directed. Always read the label.
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