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How Ginseng Works - Cardiovascular

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Scientific evidence strongly suggests that American ginseng helps protect against hardening of the arteries (arthrosclerosis) and can reduce the damage caused by heart attacks. It has a net neutral effect on blood pressure.

Ginseng - cardiovascular American ginseng saponins reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation and therefore protect against the detrimental actions of Ox-LDL (they are believed to be involved in the pathogenesis of arthrosclerosis). PPD-type ginsenosides have stronger anti-arthrosclerosis activity than PPT-type, and also have stronger activity in reducing serum lipid levels.

Heart arrhythmia:

Several Chinese scientific papers have found that saponins from American ginseng can both decrease (Re, Rb3) and increase (pseudoginsenoside-F11) papillary heart muscle contractility. Anti-arrhythmic action appeared to be related to the blockage of cation currents in myocardial cells (mainly calcium but possibly sodium and potassium ions too). At the International Ginseng Symposium (Vancouver 1994) YYY Wong stated that American ginseng can be used to boost cAMP levels in the myocardial cells, prolong the cardiac cycle, reduce the heart rate, and control symptoms of heart palpitation.

Blood pressure:

Two randomized placebo-controlled trials in people found that American ginseng has a neutral effect on blood pressure.

The American Journal of Chinese Medicine (Vol 29, No.s 3-4, pp 567-569) described a case history of a 53 year old man with hypertension and mild chest pain, and diagnosed with early stage coronary heart disease. His chest pains stopped and blood pressure dropped following regular treatment with American ginseng.

Circulatory system:

Traditional claims that ginseng normalises the circulatory system have been scientifically investigated. Laboratory research in the USA found that ginseng reduced thrombin-induced endothelium release, and may facilitate hemodynamic balance of vascular endothelial cells. Chinese trials in humans found that treating patients with American ginseng before and during heart surgery helped protect the myocardium (note: this pre-surgical application should be balanced against ginseng's blood thinning activity).

Blood clotting:

Research in Japan found that ginsenoside Rg1 inhibits adrenaline and thrombin induced human platelet aggregation (and 5-hydroxytryptamine release from platelets) in dose dependent manner. They hypothesised that it may therefore help treat arthrosclerosis and thrombosis. American ginseng reduces the anticoagulant effect of the blood thinning agent warfarin.

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