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How Ginseng Works

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This section does not make claims about Ginseng 500. Instead, we've tried to write a balanced summary of published scientific research and traditional use that is currently in the public arena. We've scoured the literature and distilled it, and present it here for you. It's original and copyrighted. See the Glossary of Terms to help with technical jargon.

Adaptogen Please remember - don't diagnose or treat yourself when it comes to serious disease. Consult your health care professional. And when it comes to ginseng, perhaps suggest they consult with us!

How can one herb work on many body systems?

Ginseng has over 30 biologically active substances - ginsenosides, polysaccharides and others. These act on the body in different ways, and some actually have an opposite effect to others. However it's the overall balance that's important. That's why Simply Ginseng chooses to deal only in whole pure root rather than extracts. When some of the 30 bioactives are lost during processing, the remarkable adaptogenic effect of ginseng could be lost or weakened.

Stamina and Endurance

Ginseng appears to improve stamina and endurance by exerting an effect on the respiratory system and also on energy metabolism. Read more -->>

Glucose Metabolism and Diabetes

Ginseng has been commonly used in Oriental medicine to treat diabetes-like conditions, and the earliest recorded reference for this purpose is in the Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu) by Dr Li in Ming Dynasty China (1368-1644). Read more -->>


American ginseng is known by the Chinese as the "cooling" ginseng, because it stimulates the Yin. It is believed to be more effective in combating the effects of stress than Korean ginseng, which is considered warming and stimulates the Yang. Read more -->>


It has been traditionally thought that ginseng enhances the immune system and helps protect the body from infectious diseases. Recent research in both humans and animals supports this belief. Read more -->>

Memory & Learning

Native Americans took ginseng root as a tonic to increase mental powers, and to help the mind. Salim (1997) hypothesised that American ginseng may exert beneficial effects on memory and learning through its action on the cholinergic system. Read more -->>

Nervous System

Ginseng may be of benefit in the prevention or treatment of the following nervous system problems: Strokes; Brain aging; Parkinson's disease; Motor Neurone Disease; Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; and Chronic pain. Read more -->>


Ginseng is considered to be an anti-aging herb. This is partly due to the many beneficial effects of ginseng, and partly its antioxidant properties. Read more -->>


Despite the existence of some scientific papers claiming that ginseng can cure or significantly retard the growth of existing cancers, ginseng will not cure cancer. Read more -->>

Cancer Fatigue

There are several studies showing how American ginseng helps people cope with cancer, and the healing period after cancer treatment. Here's the transcript of Dr Norman Swann's interview with one researcher on the ABC Radio National Health Report. Read more -->>


Studies have shown that Ginseng may help with the following cardiovascular issues: Atherosclerosis; Heart arrhythmia; Blood pressure; Circulatory system normalisation; and Blood clotting. Read more -->>

Sexual Function (male & female)

Proper sexual function in both males and females is important for a body-in-balance approach to life. Ginseng may be of assistance for: Virility; Sexual dysfunction; Female fertility, menopause & menstrual problems; or even as an Aphrodisiac. Read more -->>

Please note:
Any scientific information has been assembled by Simply Ginseng from reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals. We have tried to ensure it is clear, balanced and without bias. This information should not be construed as claims for any of our products. Always consult your health care professional.Use only as directed. Always read the label.
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