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Ginseng Benefits - How can ginseng help you?

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Ginseng energy In a nutshell, Ginseng is a natural anti-aging medicine that helps keep you healthy and feeling younger. Here's how it works:

Energy and Stamina

Ginseng has traditionally been used to help improve physical performance, stamina and endurance - this is thought to be due to increased utilization of free fatty acids during exercise. It also improves the transport of glucose through body tissues and helps normalise blood glucose levels. Ginseng is often used to relieve fatigue and mental exhaustion, especially from overwork.

Ginseng stress

Eases Stress

American Ginseng helps the body cope with the stresses of daily living. It acts to nullify the negative side effects caused by overproduction of stress hormones, and helps prevent stress-associated disease. It also works directly on the central nervous system to help the mind remain calm, and perhaps this is why it has traditionally been used to promote normal sleep.

Normalises Blood Glucose

American Ginseng helps to normalize blood sugar levels in both diabetic and non-diabetic people. Research suggests it does this is by helping the transport of glucose across cell membranes. It also appears to enhance insulin production.

Powerful Antioxidant

Ginseng is an antioxidant, and helps protect body tissues against the damaging effects of free radicals and other harmful chemicals.

Boosts Immunity

Ginseng stimulates the immune system and helps protect the body from infectious disease. It boosts the production of white blood cells and antibodies. Native Americans traditionally used it to relieve chronic coughs.

Ginseng memory

Maintains Your Memory

Substances in Ginseng have been found to influence the way neural messages are transmitted throughout the nervous system, partly by enabling messages to pass from one nerve cell to another more efficiently. Ginseng has thus been used to maintain normal memory and learning ability.


Ginseng has been traditionally used to increase virility. In China, American Ginseng is considered a panacea for impotency. The Chinese and Native Americans used it as an aphrodisiac. It is increasingly being used for this purpose - the Guardian Weekly recently rated American ginseng "the world's bestselling aphrodisiac." The main reason Ginseng helps here is because it brings the body towards normal - and sex is of course normal and healthy! But there’s another reason, constituents of Ginseng have also been shown to directly help blood get where it's needed in penile erectile tissue.

Helps keep your body "in balance"

Body in balance Ginseng is an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a substance that enables the body to normalize its own systems when affected by negative influences, be they physical, chemical or mental stresses. Ginseng is often used to enhance the overall feeling of well being and for the prevention of diseases that result from today's hectic pace of life.

It contains a complex array of bioactive substances that, acting in unison, become an adaptogen. American Ginseng has both a calming and a stimulating effect as the different active ingredients (ginsenosides) come into play depending on the body's need. In particular, Ginseng acts on the hypothalamus - this is the part of the mid-brain that controls the hormonal and neural processes that balance the various body systems.

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